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Know Your Numbers

Stop wrestling with multiple spreadsheets that are always broken or out of date.
Start to make more informed decisions about your business.


Expert Templates

Recommendations to get you started in minutes. Start small. Build as you go.


Timely Reminders

Notifications to get you in the habit of regularly updating your numbers.


Fewer Errors

Set up metrics once and use them everywhere, with consistent formats.

Ask Better Questions

Spend less time copying and pasting to reconcile separate systems.
Spend more time thinking about how to improve your numbers.


Simple Formulas

But with the full power of a spreadsheet - set up once, use everywhere.


Visible Trends

Graphs and deltas - see what's going well and what needs more attention.


Xero Import

Import financial metrics auto-magically from Xero (+ more, coming soon)

Tell Better Stories

When investors ask for your metrics, they want the story not the spreadsheet.
Your metrics are worthless if they are locked away in a spreadsheet that you’re too embarrassed to share.



Add your notes to your results,
to record the good and the bad.



Every report has a unique URL to share with your investors and advisors.



Add your team to give them read or write access to your reports.

We believe that being honest and transparent with your results and asking for help when you need it is key to the success of any business.

What are the most important facts about your business, and who knows them?

Stuck in a sea of numbers?

One Metric is the fastest way to create a dashboard to share with investors, so you can give them the full picture, without the anxiety.

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