Why we built One Metric

One Metric exists to keep venture teams talking, about the things that matter

We created One Metric because we learned how important it is to develop the habit of sharing metrics with people who can help you, but also how rarely this actually happens. Most companies and teams don’t do this as well as they could because it’s scary and difficult.

One Metric is dashboard and reporting software for businesses. It gets all their metrics in one place, so they can better understand share and improve the numbers that matter. We’re excited to make the tools and habits that distinguish the most successful ventures available to teams everywhere.

One Metric was created by entrepreneur and investor Rowan Simpson. He developed and proved the method during pivotal roles driving metrics-led results in four of New Zealand’s most successful growth companies (Trade Me, Xero, Vend and Timely). When he looked for software to help companies he invested in follow the same principles, none existed. Now One Metric makes these simple practices widely available.

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